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For years, BOTOX® providers have been successfully treating fine lines and wrinkles. Patients appreciate the aesthetic benefits this non-surgical treatment has to offer. You may not know that BOTOX can improve facial comfort as well. Dr. Micheal G. Herberts administers BOTOX as an alternative method for treating pain and discomfort caused by TMJ disorder. 

Contact the practice of Dr. Michael G Herberts Inc. and Dr. Yoon-Jai Choi if you or a loved one would like more information on the benefits of this treatment. 

TMJ and Jaw Tension Therapy

Your temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw within the skull. A healthy TMJ is crucial as it helps you speak, chew, and drink. When the joint becomes inflamed due to excessive pressure or improper movement, it can result in severe headaches, or reduce the jaw’s range of motion, causing discomfort.

In recent years, BOTOX has become an increasingly popular alternative treatment for TMJ disorder and jaw pain. When applied, BOTOX relaxes the strained facial muscles that may contribute to irritation. 

Our BOTOX therapy is designed to relieve tension from headaches and migraines caused by teeth grinding or unnatural clenching. As many patients suffer from TMJ for prolong periods, Dr. Herberts can help provide nearly instant relief from your discomfort. 

A Non-Surgical Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Patients looking to smooth unwanted facial creases and wrinkles can benefit from our cosmetic BOTOX treatment. Before BOTOX is applied, Dr. Herberts conducts a detailed consultation to devise an accurate plan for your unique needs and expectations. 

When administered, the BOTOX formula works beneath the skin to target underlying muscle activity that can contribute to an aged appearance. This treatment is commonly used to correct lines around the forehead, eyes, and wrinkles between the brow area.

New and existing patients visiting our Port Coquitlam practice can confidently move forward with their personalized cosmetic treatment. Our in-office procedure does not require anesthesia and typically takes a few minutes to complete. Results usually are noticed by patients within the first week of application. After BOTOX, patients typically return to their normal activities within a day. 

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